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International Contact Center Services

Relia Global Services

Relia Group is an International BPO and Contact Center Provider. We have over 32,000 first-rate Advisors globally. We deliver services in Japan, China, Vietnam, Philippines, Nicaragua, and the US, across the Relia Group Network. We support a wide range of languages, from globally used languages such as English, Spanish, and Chinese, to various Southeast Asian languages.

Solutions We Provide

Omni Channel Support

Nowadays, there are a variety of contact channels that are available to the end-users such as voice, email, chat, SMS and through different Social Network sites. Relia is able to provide the most convenient and appropriate channel for them to utilize for an enhanced customer experience. Relia can provide Omni channel platform to flexibly adjust with end-users switching communication devices or channels according to the current trend.

CX Solution Provider

Sales Effectiveness

We are especially selected, well-trained and experienced in terms of providing end-to-end support. We help turn normal customers to brand advocates. We understand and value our clients’ relationship with them, therefore, our commitment is to create and realize added value to the existing and potential customers by using the right technique and tools that help maximize client revenue and profit.

Multi Lingual Hub

Automation & Cost Reduction

Our solutions combine advanced technology and human expertise to create digital engagements options that contribute to our client’s cost reduction initiatives. We provide consultation and process management. We transform the way they do business through Robotic Process Automation (RPA), Self-Service, and Artificial Intelligence.

Our Capability

Relia As CX Solution Provider

Relia CX

Relia CX program is a service to draw a solution from visualizing and analyzing root causes based on growth stage of each client with view point of end-users, servicers, and operators.

Optimize Experience

Relia can deliver the finest end-user experience on every service or sales channel, building a relationship that cultivates loyalty and promotes revenue growth.

Multi-lingual Contact Center

We support a wide range of languages from the most globally used languages as English, Spanish, Chinese, to various Southeast Asian languages.

Multi-lingual Contact Center

The Relia Group provides services that support a wide range of languages from the most globally used languages as English, Spanish, Chinese, to various Southeast Asian languages.We support customer service channels including phone, email, chat, and web services as SNS, and operate global customer support of clients expanding overseas.In addition to customer service, helpdesk services, and technical support, we provide marketing support such as lead generation, customer acquisition utilizing multiple channel.

Our Capability

Relia has been accumulating best practices and experience for over 30 years.

APAC Multi Lingual

The Relia Group APAC regional headquarters, Relia Group provides a comprehensive language support. These include English, Chinese (Mandarin & Cantonese), Japanese, Korean, Vietnamese, Thai, Tagalog, Bahasa Malay, and Bahasa Indonesia.

International Contact Center Support

We have 2 contact centers in the United States, in addition to the 9 offshore support centers in the Philippines. We also have a nearshore contact center in Nicaragua which provides English, Spanish and Portuguese support.

Overseas Subsidiaries

Executing highly reliable business operations rooted locally, inheriting the Relia DNA.

Inspiro Relia, Inc. and Infocom Technologies, Inc. provide CRM services for clients in Southeast Asia and mainly in the Philippines, and offshore services to North America. We hold the largest domestic service share in the Philippines.

Inspiro Relia, Inc.
(Infocom Technologies, Inc.)

Relia's multi-lingual business location that supports Chinese, Korean and English in addition to Japanese.

Moshi Moshi
Hotline Dalian, Inc.

Largest scale Japanese call center in Vietnam. Multi-function location able to provide local services to offshore services.


Major call center company in Thailand, supporting marketing and CRM for major Thai clients with particular focus on the local Thai market since its establishment.

MOCAP Limited

Inspiro Relia, Inc.

We mainly provide CRM service for North America and the Philippines by Inspiro Relia, Inc. and Infocom Technologies, Inc. in the Philippines. We also provide support in Spanish at the Nicaragua site as well.


Established October 5, 2004 (Inspiro Relia)
February 21, 1994 (Infocom)
Represented by
Maulik R. Parekh
Shareholder Relia, Inc. (100%) (Inspiro Relia)
Relia, Inc. (99.6%) (Infocom)
Address 12th Floor, L.V. Locsin Building, Ayala Avenue cor. Makati Avenue, Makati City


English, Tagalog, Spanish
(other Asian languages)

Number of Employees

10,800 employees

(As of March 2019)


8,000 seats

Primary Services

English CRM Operations for North America

We operate inbound/ outbound centers with English as mainly supported language. We support various scales of operations, from an >2000 agent center to a 50-60 agent center, and bring flexibility in operation volume, service content, languages. We cover a wide range of services including technical support, helpdesk, order centers, and EC, etc..

APAC Multi-lingual CRM Center

In addition to English, we provide CRM services that support Asian languages. We contribute to the unification of global quality of our clients by uniform operation of multiple languages.

Moshi Moshi Hotline Dalian, Inc.

Providing high quality multi-lingual offshore services at low cost from Dalian.


Established April 25, 2012
Represented by
Hiroaki Toda
Shareholder Relia, Inc. (100%)
Address 502 Building No.23, Dalian Software Park No.40, Software Park East Road, Shahekou District, Dalian, China


Japanese/ Korean/ Chinese/ English

Number of Employees

212 employees

(As of March 2019)


340 seats

Primary Services

East Asia Multi-lingual Chat Service

Covers centers of Asian market as China, Korea, and Japan from one location, utilizing regional characteristics. Precise standardizing solutions achieved by Japanese/ Korean non-native agents realize higher customer satisfaction even more than native chat operations.

Shared Service

Numbers of global businesses are entering Dalian to launch shared centers. Experienced and hard-working staff efficiently execute internal back-office operations as HR mass data preparation, attendance/ travel expenses management, and payroll calculations/ financial statement preparation.


Providing offshore image processing and local marketing support services at two locations, in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh.


Established November 1, 2009
Represented by
Junichi Suzuki
Shareholder Relia, Inc. (99.6%)
Inspiro Relia Global Shared Services, Inc.(0.2%)
MAXCOM, Inc.(0.2%)
Address Hanoi
Floor10, DetechTowerⅡ, No.107 Nguyen Phong Sac,Dich Vong Hau,
Cau Giay District, Ha Noi City,VietNam.
Ho Chi Minh
77 Le Trung Nghia Street, Ward 12, Tan Binh District, HCMC, Vietnam


Vietnamese/ Japanese/ English

Number of Employees

519 employees

(As of Mar 2019:
Hanoi/ 170, HCM/ 349)


1,150 seats

(As of Mar 2019:
Hanoi, HCM consolidated)

Primary Services

Offshore Imaging Solution

Providing EC site/ web magazine image editing and processing for global business. Provides construction blueprint development support (CAD editing) and various imaging solutions at exceptionally efficient cost.

On-shore CRM Service

Providing top-of-the-class services in the Vietnamese call center industry. Multi-channel contact center is praised highly by local and foreign businesses. Its multi-channel contact center is praised highly by local and foreign businesses. Supported language are Vietnamese and English.

MOCAP Limited

Providing high quality services as major call center company in Thailand.


Established June 1, 2008
Represented by
Chutima Tnawitkitikorn
Shareholder Mitsiam International Limited. (26.00%)
Mitsui & Co (Thailand) Limited. (25.35%)
Loxbit Public Company Limited. (24.64%)
Relia, Inc. (24.01%)
Address 3rd Floor, Siripinyo Bldg., 475 Sri-Ayudthaya Rd.,
Thanon Phayathai, Rajthevee, Bangkok, 10400 Thailand


Thai/ English/ Japanese

Number of Employees

623 employees

(As of March 2019)


1,000 seats

Primary Services

ecommerce Inbound Center

We provide total service with high level operations as ecommerce related order placement, customer support, customer retention, Up-selling, EC site development.

Southeast Asia Market Research

We conduct qualitative/ quantitative researches across Southeast Asia and nationally provide research services to various Japanese, overseas, and local client businesses.


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