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Field Operation Services

Field Operation

By coordinating with IVist corp., our group company, we provide face-to-face customer channel from the Omni channel with field operations and store-front/ in-store customer services.
With high quality customer services and functional operation, we support customer strategies of our clients from both customer satisfaction improvement and productivity aspects.

Relia Group's Field Operation

Nationwide Support

Provide and collectively manage operations with targeted areas across the nation.
We realize level, high operation quality for all areas.

Ensure Operation Quality

We ensure reliable execution and management of operation by use of IT solutions as mapping systems, GPS, smartphone log systems, etc.

High Quality Customer Service

We maintain high customer service quality in our sales/ visiting staff by training programs based on our customer service know-hows obtained through our many store-front sales and reception service operations.

What we do

Sales Support

We support client sales activities from new customer acquisition, follow-ups on existing customers, to running events, regardless of B2B or B2C.

Individual Customer Visits

Provide individual customer visits by our staff in product recall support such as handling customer complaints, providing information, product delivery, and document collection

Periodic Inspections
Residential Assessment Services

Provide periodic inspection operations as device, facility checkups.
We also visit customers to conduct residential assessments for moving or renovating.

Research Operation

Provide research operations in a wide range of purposes as residence occupancy research, facility installment/ model research, and surveys and exit polls.

Service Counter Operations

Provide support matching client needs from sales promotion support operation by visiting stores in rounds, in-store sales staff dispatch, to over-the-counter support for public services.

Temporary Staffing Consultation

Support a variety of client needs from dispatching and referring visiting/ face-to-face sales staff to operation improvement consultations.


Contact for our services.

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Contact Form
Contact Form