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Digital Marketing Services

With the prevalence of smartphones, the compatibility of phone and web is rising, and marketing measures coordinating the two are increasingly significant in the current marketing world.
At Relia, we provide digital marketing services of the Omni-channel age, an age where various offline, online channels and data are integrated. We provide a comprehensive digital marketing service from customer acquisition, CRM, to customer support, optimizing and integrating various channels as websites, emails, SMS, chats, calls, and direct mails.

Relia's Digital Marketing Service

We provide comprehensive digital marketing services from establishing customer journey maps to customer nurturing, utilizing know-hows obtained through our telemarketing services.

1. Provision of various digital channels that complement phone
We are able to provide a wide range of digital channels from websites, emails, chats, SNS, SMS, AR, apps, on-demand DMs apart from besides phone to meet client requests in this Omni-channel age!
2. Content marketing service for websites, emails, etc., utilizing VOC
We provide content marketing services from website landing page creation, EC site establishment to PC/ smartphone email text preparation, creating information sites attractive to customers by utilizing VOC!
3. Database marketing service integrating campaigns of all channels
We support management and operations of campaigns planned and conducted through various channels including non-digital channels with campaign management systems and marketing automation systems!
4. Various analysis services for data obtained through digital channels
We integrate data obtained through various digital channels with customer and product data, and provide marketing data analysis (as RFM, sales structure analysis, bundle-sales trend analysis, decision tree) and website navigation analysis!


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