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Contact Center Services

Since our establishment in 1987, we have been providing a wide range of solutions through installation of new technologies and enhancement of global structure, based on our onsite capabilities acquired through our 30 years of experience.

Relia's Contact Center

Marketing Science

Our Marketing Science Institute, established in 1999, provides data-driven CRM marketing to promote client sales and support contact center performance improvement.

Group Coordination

Utilize the Relia Group relation to the fullest extent. We provide high value-added services, seamlessly combining our group company functions as field operations, back office, and digital marketing services.

ICT platform

Uniformly manage increasingly diverse customer communication channels by adopting an integrated ICT platform. We optimize operation costs by introduction of automation technologies utilizing machine learning and voice recognition to support increasing customer contacts.

What we do


Achieve high customer satisfaction based on the center mission from technical support to sales center.


Guidance, sales, follow-ups, and demand. Maximize operation outcome by analysis outbound data or using VOC, based on client's aim.


High efficiency research operation with self-developed system CATI (Computer Assisted Telephone Interview). We have proven successful for politics survey, polls on request from mass media.


Optimize all processes from order reception to delivery of products from a customer's POV. We contribute to continuous sales increase through supporting operation of customer-friendly order reception centers and accurate/ immediate product delivery.

BCP Support

Provide support in formulation of BCP (Business Continuity Plan) to continue customer service in incidents including large-scale natural disasters and in its continuous operation to increase effectiveness. We provide planning and operation including securing of required staff.

Product Recall/ Emergency Support

Service to reduce client efforts in emergencies such as product recalls and to enable provision of appropriate customer service. We provide service based on preparation for immediate response, speedy and flexible establishment of support, and organization of an one-stop structure.

Staff Development

Provide support from a staff development aspect to realize high quality customer service for clients such as organizing skill requirements of employees, designing organization and operation where staff are able to develop and utilize their skills, and planning staff development programs.

VOC Knowledge Management FAQ Consulting

Grasp underlying, customer insight by VOC analysis. Propose FAQ establishment and presentation, aiming for issue resolution.
Start by visualization of evaluation/ verification items and create knowledge stories aiming for issue resolution from a user POV.
We provide support to convert internally accumulated implicit knowledge to explicit knowledge and to utilize them as management resources.

Chat(Live Chat)

Provide real-time live chat support services, utilizing our call center experiences.
We also provide services using chats from marketing aspects as sales promotion and website exit prevention in addition to customer support.

Virtual Agent®

Provide online serf-service where AI automatically answers customer questions. We reduce email and phone contact volume by effectively using website contents.

Relia's Voice Cloud

An IVR (interactive voice response) system using the latest voice recognition technology. We automate response to typical inquiries by realizing a natural conversation jut as with a live agent.

Mobile Select(Smart Phone Application)

A new customer service of the smart phone age.
We simultaneously resolve the two paradoxical challenges of customer experience improvement and cost reduction that exist with companies.


Contact for our services.

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Contact Form
Contact Form