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Mar. 01, 2022

Relia, Inc. Starts Offering Relia Paperless Solutions, Supporting for Document Management through Digitization of Paper Documents

Relia, Inc. (Head Office: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo; President and CEO: Takashi Amino; hereinafter "the Company") starts Offering Relia Paperless Solutions, Supporting for Document Management through Digitization of Paper Documents.


■ Background of Development
As the impact of the COVID-19 crisis brought about greater opportunities to promote DX, and amendment of the Electronic Books Preservation Act went into effect in January 2022, the realization of a paperless office has become an urgent issue. Meanwhile, cases of "we cannot eliminate paper applications so quickly," "the volume of paper documents is so massive that digitization cannot be completely carried out," and "the storage methods are diverse and not coordinated, making management very complicated" have in fact come up. To respond to these circumstances, the Company has released Relia Paperless Solutions to realize a paperless office and optimize operational processes.

■ Outline of Relia Paperless Solutions
Relia Paperless Solutions is a service that carries out the scanning and digitization of paper documents, such as application forms and official documents. In order to improve the searchability of the paper documents that have been digitized, when the documents are scanned, Relia Paperless Solutions creates indexes that define and categorize the documents and also attaches tags. By registering Relia Paperless Solutions with the client company's existing system or cloud service, staff in charge of these operations can speedily access the necessary, appropriate information, thereby optimizing work processes and making it possible to focus on the core operations.


Key Features of Relia Paperless Solutions

1.Seamlessly achieve quick delivery and process huge volumes of documents
Processes, from scanning to organizing and delivering data, can be seamlessly carried out, regardless of the format or size of the paper documents. The Company deploys high-speed scanners at its work processing center in Japan, employing such digital tools as AI-OCR*1 or RPA*2 to achieve quick delivery and process huge volumes of documents.
*1: Abbreviation of Artificial Intelligence-Optical Character Reader. Refers to a type of OCR system or service that makes use of AI technology.
*2: Abbreviation of Robotic Process Automation. Refers to the automation of processes by using robots.

2.Disposal and storage of documents are possible
Following our robust security measures, disposal as well as storage of the paper documents that have been entrusted to us for scanning are also possible. Space taken up by the clutter of stored documents in offices or warehouses can be reduced, and paper documents that must be kept for varying lengths of time can be appropriately stored.

3. Supports operations to digitize both existing paper documents and new application forms
This service not only digitizes existing paper documents, but also makes it possible to manage new application forms in both paper and digital formats. It is possible to offer flexible proposals that are aligned with the purpose of the client. The client will be able to not only optimize its processes, but also strengthen its internal controls.

Going forward, Relia, Inc. will continue to support the transformation of the business of client companies by providing solutions, including going paperless, that are a perfect fit to their needs.

About Relia, Inc.
Relia is a business process outsourcing (BPO) service company established in 1987. It has operation centers in 30 locations around Japan and its staff of over 30,000 on a Group basis engage in BPO services in the area of customer contact, including contact center and back office operations, to provide services to major companies in Japan. Relia is listed on the First Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange (securities code: 4708).

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