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Mid-term Management Plan

Business Strategy 2020

Creation of new customer experience value (CX) through the provision of high value-added services

In order to cope with changes surrounding the Company, Relia Group formulated the Mid-term Management Plan "Business Strategy 2020" covering the period up to the fiscal year ending March 31,2020 in November 2018.
Based on the theme of “Creation of new customer experience value (CX) through the provision of high value-added services”, with providing high quality services since our founding, we aim to create brand-new CX by developing four innovative approaches: “Digital Innovation”, “Service Innovation”, “Market Innovation”, and “Management Innovation”.
We will strive to improve the corporate value of the Group by contributing to the enhancement of engagement between client companies and consumers by creation of CX.


The Relia Group is operating in an increasingly complex and uncertain business environment. Specifically, in addition to the ability to respond to the latent needs of corporate clients and consumers, the rapid digitization in society, and the increasingly complex and integrated demands of social events, the need to respond to these changes is putting a strain on the labor market. Similarly, the overseas markets are also turning increasingly diverse and complex. The new mid-term management plan, “Business Strategy 2020”, has been formulated as a response to this environment.

4 Innovations (Approaches)

We will aim to further increase corporate value by developing in the following 4 innovations.

4 Innovations


Quantitative targets for year ending Mar. 2021

Improving profitability through planning period, aim for an Adjusted OP margin of 8%

(billion JPY)

Results for FY
Mar. 2016
Target for FY
Mar. 2021
Net Sales 74.2 116.0
Operating profit 3.7 7.6
Operating profit before amortization of goodwill 3.7 9.3
Adjusted OP margin* 5.0% 8.0%
ROE 5.8% 8.0%+
  1. *Adjusted OP margin = Operating profit before amortization of goodwill / Net Sales

Main actions

Aim to improve the profitability of recurring business of our core revenue source through Business Strategy2020

4 Innovations implementation, strict profit managament including restructuring customer portfolio, improvement of productivity by enhancement of recruiting, training and suppressing turnover rate