Relia, Inc.

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Investor Relations


Message from Management

We will
our efforts to
achieve the goals of
Business Strategy 2020,
with the aim of
improving corporate value.

I wish to extend my best wishes to our investors for their continued health and prosperity and to express my sincere appreciation for their ongoing support.

We have well and truly entered what could be described as a VUCA era (volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous). The rapid progress in digitalization is making it more difficult for both companies and consumers to understand their own needs clearly, resulting in customer needs becoming more latent, intricate, and complex. Demand for outsourcing and for mechanization and automation is also expanding in line with the changes in the labor environment.

It was under such circumstances that we established Business Strategy 2020. Based on the theme of "creation of new customer experience value (CX) through the provision of high value-added services," this plan aims to create rich customer experience value and provide services that will contribute to the enhancement of engagement between our client companies and consumers through four innovative approaches, namely "digital innovation," "service innovation," "market innovation," and "management innovation."

Through these initiatives, we will strive to honor the expectations and trust of our shareholders and investors and to be a corporate group that contributes to society. We look forward to your continued understanding and support.

Takashi Amino
Relia, Inc.