Relia, Inc.

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Sustainability Policy/
Promotion Structure

Sustainability Policy

Relia Inc. holds as its mission the contribution to the further development of society and the happiness of its employees and their families through the growth of the company. We have now established a Sustainability Policy to strive toward our aim of being needed more by society and achieving sustainable growth.

Through its business activities, the Company will aim to realize a "Sustainable & Reliable Society," in which all people share a sense of "reliance" with each other, and where such reliance is sustained in the future.

In addition to the pursuit of sustainable operations from the perspectives of environment (E), society (S), and governance (G), we will create new value by offering services that will enhance our client companies' engagement with their customers and, through our business activities, contribute to the further sustainable development of society.

About the Company's Policy System

The Company's Sustainability Policy is based on its Mission, Vision, and Values (MVV) and its Group Companies Code of Conduct. It is positioned as a part of its business policy and strategy for initiatives over the short to medium and long term.
The Sustainability Policy is aimed at realizing a sustainable society through business activities and is recognized as the foundation for the financial and non-financial goals stipulated in the Company's Mid-term Management Plan.

Sustainability Promotion Structure

At Relia, Inc., we are promoting management based on the perspective of sustainability. For this promotion, the Sustainability Committee, chaired by the Officer in Charge of Sustainability, works with internal risk management divisions while carrying out risk management, business execution and reporting on progress of activities. The management meeting, which is a deliberative body for important management matters, deliberates on issues related to sustainability management, and discusses and makes decisions on specific initiatives. In principle, the Board of Directors receives reports on and oversees the progress of initiatives related to sustainability promotion every quarter. In addition, as the Chairman of the management meeting, which is a deliberative body for important management matters, the President & CEO receives reports from the Officer in Charge of Sustainability and the Sustainability Committee, and is ultimately responsible for deliberation and decisions related to issues of sustainability management.

Sustainability Promotion Structure
Meeting body and structure Role
Board of Directors Oversees the progress of initiatives related to the promotion of sustainability which have been discussed and approved in business execution. In principle, held every month.
Management meeting Discusses initiatives pertaining to companywide management, including specific initiatives related to sustainability promotion. Reports resolutions to the Board of Directors. In principle, held twice a month.
Officer in Charge of Sustainability Coordinates and oversees decision-making and consistency from a companywide perspective on overall sustainability promotion.
Sustainability Committee Management of climate change-related risks and human rights, etc., business execution, supports the Officer in Charge of Sustainability, reports on activity progress and communicates information to the respective departments. Meets quarterly.
Risk Management Division Comprehensive risk management.