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Sustainability Policy

Relia Inc. holds as its mission the contribution to the further development of society and the happiness of its employees and their families through the growth of the company (Corporate Mission Statement). We have now established a Sustainability Policy to strive toward our aim of being needed more by society and achieving sustainable growth.

Through its business activities, the Company will aim to realize a "Sustainable & Reliable Society," in which all people share a sense of "reliance" with each other, and where such reliance is sustained in the future.

In addition to the pursuit of sustainable operations from the perspectives of environment (E), society (S), and governance (G), we will create new value by offering services that will enhance our client companies' engagement with their customers and, through our business activities, contribute to the further sustainable development of society.

Materiality (Important Issues Related to Business Activities)

In the development of our Sustainability Policy, we considered the kinds of social issues that the Company should seek to resolve, based on global mega-trends and the impact of our business on society, and identified five materialities (important issues related to our business activities).

Based on a "solid business foundation" that will be the cornerstone of our business activities, we will aim for vibrant, fulfilling work styles by giving all employees opportunities to constantly upgrade their skills through "growth through expansion of educational opportunities and putting them into practice" and by "creating workplaces where diverse personnel can work in good health and with a sense of fulfillment." Further, by engaging in sustainable operations that are considerate of the environment, we will aim to contribute to "responses to climate change and the environment" and, by "making advances to CX through DX," continue to offer new CX to consumers.

To continue to be a company that is needed by society, we will promote initiatives that aim to solve these materialities.

Story of Value Creation

Story of Value Creation

Toward solutions to the five materialities identified by the Company, we will strive to achieve our financial and non-financial KPI targets through the Company's business activities.
In doing so, we will aim to realize the "Reliable Ring" that is our corporate vision and strive to create a "Sustainable & Reliable Society."

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About the Company's Policy System

The Company's Sustainability Policy is based on its Mission, Vision, and Values (MVV) and its Group Companies Code of Conduct. It is positioned as a part of its business policy and strategy for initiatives over the short to medium and long term.
The Sustainability Policy is aimed at realizing a sustainable society through business activities and is recognized as the foundation for the financial and non-financial goals stipulated in the Company's Mid-term Management Plan.