Relia, Inc.

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Relia at a Glance


Point 4The Relia Group in Figures

Number of sites
More than60
Number of staff
More than36,000

At our sites in various countries, our highly experienced staff provide high value-added BPO services to meet our client companies' diverse wishes.

Relia Group Sites and Staff Numbers
Multilingual support

The Relia Group's sites cover most of the world's major languages, providing both local and offshore services in multiple languages. Our English-language support framework, which is the largest among similar vendors in Japan, responds to the diverse needs of our client companies.

The Relia Group’s Multilingual Support
Client companies

The Relia Group refers to the companies that we serve as “client companies.” We currently have 634 client companies (year ended March 2020/ Non-Consolidated), all of which are leading companies in their respective industries.
The following is a list of our client company numbers by industry. Our distinguishing feature is the fact that we cover all manner of industries and occupations. With our many years of experience and our extensive track record, we are entrusted with our client companies' customer contact points, which could be described as the cornerstone of any company, as their business partner supporting the improvement of consumer engagement.

Industry Number of clients
Manufacture 96
Distribution 27
Direct sales 37
Software related 21
Publisher 14
Information service 39
Broadcasting 16
Telecommunication carriers 12
Internet Providers 6
Industry Number of clients
Housing and real estate 12
Transportation 25
Utilities 43
Bank 22
Insurance 46
Securities 10
Non-bank 41
Government & Municipal offices 63
Others 104
Total 634

(For the year ended Mar. 2020)