Relia, Inc.

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Relia at a Glance


Point 3The Relia Group's History

The history of the Relia Group since its foundation

Foundation Period (1987 - )A First-Mover

When Relia, Inc. was founded in 1987 (at the time the company name was MOSHI MOSHI HOTLINE, INC.), the term 'call center' was still not widespread in Japan. Later, in the context of deregulation in Japan, a host of new products and services appeared, and the demand for call centers grew dramatically. As a first-mover in the call center industry, Relia, Inc. established centers around Japan, and experienced rapid growth.

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Growth Period (2002 - )Responding to Client Needs

The points of contact between companies and consumers are growing more diverse, and call centers, rather than just answering telephones, have become strategic bases comprising a whole array of channels to connect with customers. Relia, Inc. has been engaged in the diversification of channels to connect with customers, as well as outsourcing that goes beyond the points of connection with customers. To make our future vision clear, we changed our company name from MOSHI MOSHI HOTLINE, INC. to Relia, Inc.

Challenge Period (2015 - )Creation of CX

Today, amid the rapid digitization in society, the Relia Group aims to be able to provide new customer experience value (CX) through high value-added services. Through the four innovative approaches put forward in our “Business Strategy 2020” we will contribute to the enhancement of engagement between our corporate clients and consumers.

Creation of CX