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Point 2The Relia Group's Business

Explanation of the Relia Group's Field of Business

Our Business and Share of Sales

The Relia Group is engaged in the contact center business and back-office. We provide strong support for our clients' operations in all aspects of their business processes.


Contact Center Business

Relia's Core Business; Evolved Contact Centers

Our Contact Center Business offers a variety of solutions to help our client companies address the challenge of optimizing their diverse customer contact points, from the perspective of business growth and improved customer satisfaction.

[Major Services]

Planning, design, and operation of contact centers (inbound/outbound/non-voice)

  • Customer support
  • Technical support
  • Help desk
  • Sales support
  • Survey
  • Omni-channel diagnosis
  • VoC analysis

Contact centers are a vital customer contact point for companies and a center for their management strategies.

Contact centers represent an important point of contact with customers for companies. The way these centers respond to customers can even influence a company's image. Because they bring together customers' voices, they play a role as a center for marketing strategy. They also lead to the solutions of companies' challenges, so many companies position them as centers for management strategy.

Call centers were originally based on telephone communication, but as the internet has become more prevalent, digital channels such as websites and e-mail have expanded. Other digital channels such as social media and chat functions have also been added with the popularization of smartphones, and now multiple channels are needed to respond to different customers. For this reason, in recent years, many companies have replaced the term “call center” with “contact center.” With the advances in digitization, the use of AI in contact centers, such as voice recognition and chatbots, is also advancing at a rapid pace.

As contact centers have expanded in scale and become increasingly digitized, consulting skills that encompass all aspects from planning to design have become essential, as have on-site capabilities for actual operations. Other requirements include industry-specific knowledge, human resources management expertise, and specialized skills in the use of digital solutions. By combining human power and digital power, we can create customer experience value (CX) and help to increase engagement between the company and its customers.

Back-office Business

Strength behind-the-scenes helps client companies to improve their management efficiency

We offer one-stop-shop services for our client companies' back-office operations, from document sorting, error checking, and data entry to shipping of materials and products to customers.

As well as responding to outsourcing needs that have become apparent, we elicit solutions for problems that lurk beneath the surface in operations. In this way, we give our client companies an environment that will allow their staff to concentrate on core operations and strategic areas, thus helping our client companies to improve their management efficiency.

[Major Services]

  • Document managed services (receipt, review, data entry, and administrative processing of applications, requests, etc.)
  • Corporate shared services (accounting, personnel, general administration, other general clerical services)
  • Website and social media-related services (production, image processing, tagging, uploading posts, site monitoring, report production)

What are the services of the Back-Office Business?

The Relia Group's Back-Office Business offers services for the development and operation of a wide range of administrative processing tasks. This includes all kinds of back-office (indirect) operations, such as accounting, personnel, general administration, and other general clerical operations, which are tailor-made to suit the individual company's challenges and needs.

When developing these operations for our clients, we start with the operational visualization phase, in which we first obtain a picture of the current state of the client's operational flow, before extracting the client's current challenges. This enables us to assist with operational efficiency improvements and cost reductions. By taking advantage of outsourcing, our clients' valuable staff can focus their efforts on the company's core operations.

Leveraging the on-site capabilities that we have cultivated over many years of operating call centers, Relia, Inc. combines human capabilities with next-generation solutions such as AI-OCR and RPA to realize operational efficiency improvements. We are even able to handle processing of several tens of thousands of tasks per month. We support companies in their business with flexible arrangements to suit both busy and quiet periods, in a way that only outsourcing can achieve.