Relia, Inc.

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Relia at a Glance


Relia at a Glance

Relia at a Glance

A 5-Minute Introduction to Relia, Inc.

Various facts and figures about Relia for
a quick and easy understanding of the company's operations.

Relia, Inc. is a major business process outsourcing (BPO) company established in 1987. More than 36,000 staff across the entire Relia Group work hard to provide BPO services in and around our client companies' customer contact points, including contact centers and back-office operations.

Point 1
The Relia Group's Aims

Our Philosophy

Mission Statement
The 4 Promisses

The Relia Group expresses the social mission we intend to fulfill and the values we hold dear in the form of our Mission Statement, which represents our corporate philosophy, and our 4 Promises, which constitute our action guidelines.

Point 2
The Relia Group's Business

Our 3 Fields of Business
and Their Share of Sales

With the contact center business at its core, the Relia Group is engaged in back-office and field operations. In all three of these businesses, we provide strong support for our clients' operations in all aspects of their business processes.


Point 3
The Relia Group's History

Since it was founded in 1987, Relia has developed and delivered high-quality services to match the greatly changing social environment of the times and our clients' changing needs, providing consistent support for their customer contact operations. Through its high value-added services, the Relia Group creates customer experience value (CX) for consumers and helps to improve engagement between our client companies and consumers.

[Major Services]

Planning, design, and operation of contact centers (inbound/outbound/non-voice)

  • Customer support
  • Technical support
  • Help desk
  • Sales support
  • Survey
  • Omni-channel diagnosis
  • VoC analysis

Point 4
The Relia Group in Figures

Our extensive workforce at our sites responds to client companies' diverse wishes in various countries.

Number of sites
More than60
Number of staff
More than36,000
Multilingual support
Client companies