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Relia Group Compliance Standards

The mission of the Relia Group is to contribute to the development of society through the growth of the company. Constantly aware of our social mission and responsibility as an infrastructure company that connects people and society, we aim to be a corporate Group that is trusted by society, through proper corporate activities that comply with laws, regulations, and other rules, social norms, and corporate ethics.

The Relia Group Compliance Standards are guidelines that apply to all officers and employees of Relia Inc. ("the Company") and its Group companies. Separate standards have been prepared for each occupation that they cover, and they also apply correspondingly to seconded and temporary employees, incoming dispatched workers, and employees of incoming subcontractors. They are distributed to all officers and employees in the form of a card that they can carry with them, and efforts are made to raise awareness of compliance among each and every employee through various initiatives, including in-house training.

Relia Group Compliance Standards
(for Operators)

General Provisions

1. Compliance with legal norms and guidelines

  • As members of the Relia Group, we will comply with the laws and regulations, the Rules of Employment, and the various manuals and guidelines and act with good sense and responsibility.

2. Appropriate work activities

  • We will address our day-to-day operations in good faith and perform them properly.
  • We will make explanations to consumers, who are the end users of our services, accurately and in good faith with the necessary information, and we will not respond in ways that are problematic in terms of laws, regulations, and ethics, such as misrepresenting the facts or failing to present material facts.
  • We will report to client companies and the Company accurately, regardless of the situation, and we will not act inappropriately, such as making false reports.

Relationship with Society

3. High standard of corporate ethics and respect for human rights

  • With a self-awareness that we belong to the international community, we will act with good sense, responsibility, and a high sense of ethics as members of society.
  • We respect human rights and will not discriminate on the basis of race, beliefs, gender, social status, religion, nationality, age, or physical or mental disability.

4. Response to antisocial forces

  • We will have no dealings whatsoever with antisocial forces such as organized crime groups or parties that are associated with them.

Relationships with trading partners and competitors

5. Compliance with Relia company rules and individual industry laws of client companies

  • When engaging in our work, in addition to the Company's Rules of Employment, we will comply with the rules of client companies and the Company, including individual laws and regulations, etc. with which client companies must comply (Act on Specified Commercial Transactions, etc.) and their supplementary official notices and guidelines, etc., and with agreed procedures for the execution of operations.
  • When engaging in our work at the Company or at a client company (work location), we will take care with our attire and appearance (dress code).

6. Compliance with Unfair Competition Prevention Act

  • We will not acquire or use the trade secrets of the Company or another company by theft or other wrongful means for any reason.

7. Gifts and hospitality

  • In interactions that involve eating and drinking, etc., with employees of client companies, we will not talk about matters that infringe on confidentiality obligations, such as happenings in the Company or the names of other client companies. We shall also engage in such interactions with moderation.

Relationship with Shareholders and Investors

8. Prohibition of insider trading

  • We will not use information about the Company or a client company learned in the course of operations (information about mergers or business transfers, development of new products or technologies, or recalls, etc.) to buy or sell shares, etc. in that company (insider trading). Regarding the sale or purchase of shares, etc. in the Company, we will comply with the Insider Trading Prevention Rules.

Relationship with Employees

9. Respect for human rights / prohibition of discrimination, etc.

  • We will have mutual respect with all others engaging in operations and strive to promote diversity, and we will not exercise unreasonable discrimination in all its forms based on place of birth, nationality, race, ethnicity, beliefs, religion, gender, age, disability, interests, academic background, and other attributes.

10. Harassment

  • We will not commit sexual harassment or acts that are likely to be misconstrued as sexual harassment. We will also prevent others from committing such acts.
  • We will not harass or treat unfavorably any person for reason of pregnancy, childbirth, caring for children, or caring for elderly family members.
  • We will not take advantage of a dominant position over another person, such as superior rank, to exceed operational authority and speak or act in ways that continuously negate the character or humanity of that person (power harassment).
  • We will not harass another person either mentally or physically, such as discriminatory words or actions, ridicule, bullying, or violence, regarding their sexual orientation or sexual identity.
  • We will not disrupt the sound atmosphere, environment, and order of the workplace through actions that are offensive to public order and morals.

11. Protection of personal information

  • We will not use personal information of employees obtained in the course of operations for any purpose other than operations. We will also not take out personal information for any purpose other than operations.
  • We will manage personal information strictly to ensure that it is not leaked.

Relationships with Company and Company Assets

12. Acts in conflict of interest and distinction between public and private

  • We will use the company's PCs, copiers, fax machines, telephones, and company supplies, such as stationery, solely for operations and will not use them for personal purposes.

13. Management of secrets

  • We will strictly handle the Company's confidential information (information regarding operations, client company information, meeting materials, etc.) and personal information in compliance with the various laws and regulations, guidelines, and company rules (Privacy Policy, etc.), and manage it with due security to ensure that no leaks, theft, loss, falsification, etc. will occur. We will also not use such information for any purpose other than for operations.
  • We will handle the confidential information and personal information disclosed by client companies and third parties with the same degree of strictness.
  • We will not discuss the content of our work in any location other than our place of work (booth, etc.), even if it is inside the premises of the Company or a client company (corridors, elevator, restrooms, etc.).
  • We will not write about information obtained during work or happenings at our place of work (booth, etc.) on the internet, such as on blogs or noticeboards.
  • We will not bring terminal devices for personal use, such as PCs or smartphones, or recording media, such as DVDs, CDs, or USB memory sticks, into our place of work (booth, etc.)

14. Information systems

  • We will manage IDs and passwords used in operations strictly. We will not give them to a third party and will prevent their leaking to a third party.
  • We will not attempt unauthorized access, such as borrowing or stealing another person's ID or password or infiltrating another person's computer system.

15. Protection of intellectual property rights

  • We will not commit violations (unauthorized copying of computer software, etc.) of the intellectual property rights of the Company, other companies, or other third parties obtained through our operations.

Reports, investigations, and penalties

16. Reports and advice

  • If we detect an act by an officer or employee that is in violation of laws and regulations, various guidelines, and these standards, we will report to or consult the Internal Reporting Desk.

17. Investigations

  • We will cooperate with investigations to confirm the facts regarding the existence or otherwise of violations.

18. Penalties

  • If a violation is revealed by such an investigation, the perpetrator may be subjected to disciplinary action pursuant to the Rules of Employment, etc.

19. Protection of persons making reports or consultations

  • The Board of Directors and the Compliance Committee will take every care to ensure that any employee who has reported a violation or cooperated with the investigation is not subjected to unfavorable treatment.