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CSR Activities

Relia Group's CSR Activities - Expanding the Circle of Reliance -

Message from Wataru Ebata, CSR & Diversity Officer of Relia

Relia Group's Corporate Social Responsibility

Wataru Ebata
CSR Officer

As a leading company in the call center industry, we have engaged in our business centralizing around telemarketing. And now, our business is expanding into the outsourcing industry with our back office businesses.
Since human resource is the key to our business, we require an abundance of staff. Relia Group aims to create jobs through our core businesses, provide diverse working styles, and contribute to the continuous development of society from human resource development aspects.

Currently, about 20,000 employees work in 33 operation centers across Japan. Especially, Hokkaido, Kansai, and Okinawa where our Branch Offices are located, retain about 40% of our entire staff and contribute in creating jobs and vitalizing employment in regional areas.

We have also promoted employment of persons with disabilities over the years.
As of June 2018, 427.0 employees* work at our group company, BUSINESS PLUS Inc.. Actual employment rate exceeds 3.0% for four consecutive years and is maintained at high standard.

Since its establishment in 2002, both the company staff and supervisors have developed and have gradually expanded available services. Apart from providing cleaning services, data entry operations, management of Relia's internal cafeteria, they produce handmade paper throughout the year and create our company calendars and post cards handed out to our clients as promotional items at the year-end and new year. They are active in seeking new services such as the cleaning service of office chairs which newly started this year.

As a result of these approaches, in 2010, BUSINESS PLUS was awarded as excellent company by the Tokyo Association of Employment Development.
And in the 13th Tokyo Abilympics 2015 (Tokyo Skills Competition for Persons with Disabilities,) a BUSINESS PLUS employee was awarded gold prize in computer data entry, and simultaneously received the Chief of the Bureau of Industrial and Labor Affairs Award.

We will continue to support the independence of persons with disabilities and encourage their active participation in a society with no distinction from those without disability.

based on legal calculation formula, actual employment rate 3.1%

Our Approach

Job Creation - 33 Operation Centers across Japan

At Relia, 20,000 employees are engaged in operations at 33 operation centers across the country. Operation staff and also supervising members are locally recruited by each area.
We have introduced the Area Fulltime Employee Program from January 2015, recruiting staff with "regional expertise" as core skill, and about in a year, more than 300 fulltime employees have joined our company. We plan to continue increasing area fulltime employees and wish for their career success.
We support diverse working styles to ensure pleasant working conditions for all employees and contribute to creating jobs and vitalizing regional economy.

BUSINESS PLUS - Diversity & Inclusion

Relia has established "BUSINESS PLUS INC.," a specially approved subsidiary, to promote employment of people with disabilities as a whole company group, and since have supported their independence and encouraged their active participation in a society with no distinction from those without disability).
As of June 1, 2018, 427.0 employees* are working at the company.

based on legal calculation formula, actual employment rate 3.1%

  • Number of Employed Persons with Disabilities calculated by legal calulation formula
  • All values are as of June 1st for each year

Family Day - With Our Employees

We implement "Family Day," an intercommunication event, inviting children and family members of employees to the company office, at our Head Office and Branch Offices.
This event is considered an opportunity to acknowledge the presence of families who constantly support our employees and to make all employees aware of the importance of realizing a pleasant working environment, and also, to offer children moments to take a peek into the society in which they will grow up to work in someday, through exchanging business cards and experiencing our operations.

Let’s Restore Forests! - Environmental activity

We implement tree-planting experience activities, "Let's Restore Forests!" in Hokkaido and Kansai.
This activity has become an event for Relia Group employees and their families to deepen ties through nature conservation and provides an excellent opportunity to foster sense of unity in groups by closely collaborating out in the open.