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"Connecting force" creates new value

While enhanced customer experience and customer loyalty are desired, needs for customer services of higher quality and efficiency that match customer preferences is increasing. At Relia, Inc., we respond to diversifying and sophisticated client needs by merging our support capabilities and empathy skills developed over the years with cutting edge automation technologies including artificial intelligence and voice recognition, and together with our clients, we face each and individual customer with sincerity to produce the best customer experience value.

And now, we have taken in SPi CRM, Inc., a company based in the Philippines, recognized for its quality contact center services for the US and Asian clients to our Group. From here on, we intend to establish CRM functions and off-shore BPO functions combining SPi’s quality control system and efficient operation methodologies with our know-hows in customer satisfaction improvement and automation technologies, and deliver a one-stop service that provides both global standard operation process and Japanese quality for our Japanese and overseas clients.

The Relia Group will continue evolving to meet client expectations and trust, and we kindly ask for your support and encouragement.

October 2016
Jun Nakagome
Relia, Inc.